The Fargo Life Q&A: Drew Trafton

The Fargo Life Q&A: Drew Trafton


Drew is a well-known resident of Fargo-Moorhead as a news anchor with WDAY. When his wife received her dream job offer, this former Washington state and Montana resident wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but he quickly found a lot to love. His enjoyment and appreciation of the local area shows on his newscasts as well as in person as he talks about all the discoveries he has made with his wife and two year-old daughter about their new home.

What surprised you the most about Fargo?

The food! From the restaurants, micro-breweries, bakeries and farmer’s markets, there is a wide array of local treasures for virtually every cuisine. My wife had arrived first while I wrapped up things, and my first experience was Rhombus Guys pizza – that and Blackbird pizza, it isn’t even my favorite food, but it’s impressive.

I also really like BernBaums’ bagels, Sandy’s Donuts and Proof Distillery. I was blown away by the HoDo and Rustica. The variety and number of local owners is great. We also love the downtown area and the availability of fresh produce at farmer’s markets.


What did you know about Fargo before moving here?

Not much! I had driven through it a few times and the downtown area looked like fun. Other than that – just the normal stereotypes: cold, windy, flat, but with nice people that talk funny.


What’s your favorite discovery about Fargo?

The park system. We love to go outside – hiking, disc golf or the playgrounds are weekly events. We enjoy the city and state parks, especially the trails at MB Johnson, Lindenwood and Gooseberry parks. Buffalo River State Park and Maplewood are hard to beat in spring, summer or fall. Disc golf is also a favorite activity. I’m really terrible, but I enjoy the varied scenery and diverse challenges at each course, but we typically go to Oak Grove or Woodlawn courses.

For date night, my wife and I frequently go to Proof Distillery. Our first time there, we went for a cocktail and ended up getting appetizers and dinner as well. The food and drinks are amazing.


What’s the funniest question you’ve had from friends and family about living in Fargo?

Usually it’s a variation on the constant wind – “does it stop?” One time my mother-in-law couldn’t get out of her car because the wind kept blowing her door shut! Before I left Billings, Montana, my fellow newscasters and the weatherman pulled up the long-term forecast for “bone-chilling cold.”


What would you say to others considering a move to Fargo?

The people really make this place. I’ve never lived in a community where people care so much for each other – it’s beyond neighborly. It’s like an extremely extended family. Even as a reporter, people are friendly. Other places no one wants to be interviewed, but here they are willing and well-spoken.

Walking around, people smile and say hello, where in other places you aren’t even acknowledged. Also, the amount of fundraisers held to help people is surprising – or even people showing up to help clean up after a storm. I fully endorse it as a great place to start any phase of life. It’s a Goldilocks community – all the amenities of a big city with the comfort of a small town.


What’s the one thing you wish Fargo had?

If I won the mega-mega-million lottery, I’d want to bring an arena football team to Fargo. It’s the perfect market – indoors in a hockey-style space and fills the football season void in the spring and summer. Fargo was meant for the sport with a football crazy town and plenty of former college athletes.


What do you find weird about Fargo or the people?

This won’t make me anymore likeable for the fans of the green and gold*, but what’s with the “z” sound in bison? I grew up next to Yellowstone National Park, and I never heard it – we say “bison” not “bizon!”

*Green and gold are the school colors of North Dakota State University with a bison mascot.

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